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Wire planting machine for automatic fireworks sparkler production

Wire planting machine for automatic fireworks sparkler production

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    Introduction of sparklers making

    The sparkler wire planting machine (sparkler wire planter), also known as the automatic sparklers machine for making, is specifically designed to automatically clamp the wires used to make sparklers.

    Compared to manual wire clamping in traditional sparklers production procedures, this machine can clamp sparkler wires continuously and efficiently at a rapid rate, significantly accelerating the wire planting process and sparklers making.

    The automatic operation of the sparkler wire planting equipment replaces traditional wire planting manual operation with higher efficiency and precision.

    Why design the fireworks machine? Benefits

    Traditionally,(traditional sparklers) clamping sparkler wires is a labor-intensive and inefficient manual process. This auto wire planter was designed to:

    • Raise Productivity

    Improve production efficiency by automating(auto operation) the wire clamping process. Continuous, precise multi-ways wire feeding into the machine’s aligned holes allows for faster sparklers fireworks making than manual wire planting.

    • Secure Wire Holding

    Securely clamp(advanced clamping technique for wire) the wires while allowing for quick release through the use of misaligned and through holes with elastic members. This ensures wires are firmly held during the sparklers making process.

    • Prevent Wire Damage

    Avoid wire bending and breakage when clamped by the elastic bodies in the misaligned holes. The elastic grip gently holds wires to minimize wire jam errors in feeding that can occur with manual clamping.

    • Low Energy Consumption

    Since the machine operates automatically once started, it has lower energy consumption compared to traditional manual wire planting processes which require continuous human labor. This reduces operational costs and environmental impact.

    Structure of Wire planting machine

    The wire planting machine consists of several main parts to automate the fabrication of sparking fireworks process:

    • A robust metal housing with compression springs at one end and an actuating pneumatic cylinder at the other end. The housing provides structural support for the entire machine.
    • A core positioned between the springs and actuator. The core has multiple inner holes that correspond to outer holes on the housing.
    • Elastic rubber O-rings are installed on the sides of the inner holes to provide a firm grip on the wire as it is fed through.
    • When the pneumatic actuator extends, it pushes the core against the compression springs. The O-rings within the inner holes of the core then clamp tightly around the wire fed into the through holes. This professional advanced clamping technique for wire feeding securely grasps the wire during high-speed production.

    The overall design aims to replace traditional manual wire planting operations with fully automatic wire feeding and clamping to increase efficiency, reduce labor costs, and improve fireworks quality and utilization rates.

    Working principle of Wire planting machine

    The working principle of the sparklers making machine is quite simple yet effective. The multiple compression springs in the metal housing constantly push the inner core back to its original position. When the pneumatic actuator is extended, it moves the core forward and compresses the springs.   

    This motion aligns the inner holes with diameters of 5-10mm on the core with the outer through holes in the housing, allowing metal wires fed into the hopper to pass freely through. Precise rubber O-rings made of premium silicone rubber that is heat resistant up to 230 degrees Celsius grip the wires gently during the wire feeding process.

    Once the actuator is retracted, the springs push the core back to its original position. This misaligns the inner and outer through holes by 3-5mm, causing the O-rings to securely clamp the wires in place with a clamping force of 20-50KN. This professional advanced clamping technique ensures the wires remain tightly held during high-speed production without slipping or jamming errors.

    According to tests, the machine can achieve a maximum wire feeding speed of 50 meters per minute and a production efficiency of 1500-2000 sparklers per hour. The PLC control system allows adjustment of the production speed in the range of 10-50 meters per minute to meet varying capacity needs.      

    By alternating actuator extension and retraction at frequencies of 2-10 Hz, the core and housing assembly can repeatedly grasp new wires and release finished sparklers, forming a continuous production cycle. The bottom of the upper concave cavity and/or the lower concave cavity is equipped with an opening to facilitate O-ring installation and removal. 

    The overall working principle revolves around aligning and misaligning corresponding holes in the moving core and fixed housing using actuated motion, enabling effective automatic wire clamping for precise fabrication of sparking fireworks with high utilization rates of raw materials and low production costs.


    The operation of the wire planter is straightforward yet effective.

    • First, metal wires are loaded into the wire hopper at the top of the machine. The wires then pass through the multi-way wire feeding system which includes a wire sorting,  straightening and cutting mechanism.
    • Next, the inner holes on the movable core are automatically aligned with the outer holes on the fixed housing by the pneumatic actuator, allowing the wires to pass through corresponding inner and outer hole pairs. This indicates that the holes are in an aligned position ready for wire feeding. 
    • Then, actuating the clamping mechanism will misalign the inner and outer holes by a precise amount, causing the O-rings to clamp the wires tightly in place. The inner and outer holes are now in a misaligned position ready for sparkler making.   
    • After the wires have been dipped into the sparkler composition to form sparklers of the desired size, the clamping mechanism is released. This brings the holes back into an aligned position, releasing the finished sparklers and making the machine ready for the next wire feeding cycle.

    The whole automatic operation cycle of wire feeding, clamping, sparkler making and releasing is controlled by the PLC system. The user can easily adjust the sparkler making speed and capacity by programming the PLC to actuate the clamping mechanism at the required frequency and stroke.

    The entire automatic operation revolves around the synchronized alignment and misalignment of corresponding inner and outer holes, enabled by the actuated motion of the movable core, to clamp wires automatically for high-efficiency sparkler production.


    The main applications of this auto wire planter are in the industrial production of fireworks sparklers on a large scale.  

    • Replace traditional manual wire planting methods: The machine can effectively replace traditional manual wire planting to improve efficiency and reduce labor costs. The auto wire feeding and clamping process greatly improves productivity and efficiency compared to fully manual wire planting.   

    • Match different production capacities:  The user can easily adjust the wire planting speed within a range from 240,000 to 288,000 pcs per hour. This flexibility matches various production scales required by customers.

    • Produce consistent quality products: The full auto operation mode ensures stable product quality and fewer wire jam errors compared to traditional manual operation.   

    • Suit different wire types: The multi-way wire feeding system and adjustable wire dosing amount provide flexibility to match different wire types and specifications required by customers.

    • Improve material utilization: The clamping technique minimizes wire bending during clamping to improve the utilization rate of raw materials.

    • For industrial sparklers production: The machine is suitable for use by fireworks manufacturers, fireworks workshops and professional fireworks makers requiring high efficiency, stability and consistency for industrial-scale fabrication of sparking fireworks.  

    • Technical parameters: As per the technical parameters (summarized in a table), the machine can achieve a maximum wire feeding speed of 50 m/min and a wire planting capacity of 240,000 to 288,000 pcs per hour.

    In summary, by automating the traditional manual wire planting process, this auto wire planter provides  significant advantages for large-scale industrial sparklers production lines.


    In addition to the key uses mentioned earlier, this wire planting machine can also be integrated with:

    • Wire straightening and cutting machines: After the metal wires are straightened and cut to the required length, this machine can clamp the wires automatically for the chemical dipping process.

    • Wire dosing systems: The machine’s multi-way wire feeding system and adjustable wire dosing amount allow it

    • Chemical dipping tanks: After the wires are clamped, the clamping board can be directly inserted into the chemical dipping tank to coat the wires with sparkler composition.

    • Curing and drying systems: After the coated wires are released from the clamping board, they can be sent straight to a curing and drying system to form the final sparklers.

    Packaging lines: The finished sparklers can then be packed and prepared for distribution.

    By integrating with upstream wire preparation equipment and downstream curing, drying and packaging machinery, this auto sparkler making machine can form the core clamping part of a fully automated sparklers production line from wire to finished product. This enables even higher productivity, material savings, and product uniformity compared to manual wire planting processes or using the machine in isolation.


    In conclusion, this auto wire planter provides a highly effective automated solution for clamping large amounts of sparkler wires to produce fireworks sparklers on an industrial scale.  

    For fireworks manufacturers, workshops and professionals seeking to upgrade their sparklers production lines with cutting-edge auto machinery that reduces labor costs and increases output, this wire planting machine is a  best choice.

    If you would like to learn more about this sparkler wire clamping machine or other advanced fireworks making equipment, please contact PyroEquip via email  PyroEquip designs and manufactures a full  range of pyro equipment to help customers improve the quality, efficiency and profitability of their fireworks production.



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