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Wire planting board for automatic fireworks sparkler production

Wire planting board for automatic fireworks sparkler production

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    Introduction of wire planting board

    The wire planting equipment is an automated device for quickly and efficiently planting the wire stems of multiple sparklers for fireworks production.  

    This wire planting board helps place wire stems into holes on the board, which are later used to make sparklers. The main benefits of the board are:   

    Firstly, the board assists workers in planting many wire stems at once. Workers no longer need to plant each wire stem manually into a hole one by one. This reduces labor (labor) and improves efficiency

    Secondly, the consistent placement of wire stems into the holes on the board may lead to more uniform sparklers with better performance and quality(quality, design).  

    Thirdly, the board can increase the overall production rate (process) of sparklers for a given labor input. Workers can place wire stems into the board’s holes at a rapid pace.

    Fourthly, the wire stems are securely held in the board’s holes during transportation and storage until the sparkler making production. This may reduce waste of wire stems compared to manual methods.

    In summary, the wire planting board provides a way to quickly and reliably place many wire stems into position for easier sparkler making. Though the board itself does not cut or straighten wire, when used together with a wire cutting and straightening machine, it can streamline the wire preparation stage for higher sparkler production efficiency.

    Why was this wire planting board designed?

    The main purpose (purpose) behind the design of this wire planting machine was to improve the production efficiency of planting fireworkssparkler wires compared to traditional manual methods. Some of the key factors motivating this design include:

    • To reduce labor (labor) – The design aims to automate the labor-intensive process of manually planting individual wire stems one by one into holes on boards. 

    • To increase output (process)- The wire planting machine is capable of rapidly planting hundreds of wire stems into holes within a short period, far exceeding the output of human workers.  

    • To improve consistency (quality)- The automated system ensures wire stems are placed into holes in a precise and uniform manner, whereas manual planting may vary in accuracy from worker to worker.

    • To lower manufacturing costs- The higher production rate enabled by the wire planting board system has the potential to lower per-unit costs for sparkler producers through economies of scale. 

    • To improve ergonomics – The wire planting machine relieves workers of uncomfortable and repetitive hand movements associated with traditional manual wire planting methods.

    Overall, this design seeks to address key pain points in the wire preparation stage of sparkler production through automating and streamlining the wire planting task. The envisioned result is substantially higher production efficiency compared to traditional manual wire planting processes on wooden boards.

    Features of the wire planting board

    The wire planting board incorporates several key components to facilitate its function of securely planting sparkler wires.

    • Firstly, it contains a large (large) quantity of drilled holes arranged in  multiple rows and columns. These precision-made through holes provide positions for housing the cut ends of the sparkler wires. 
    • Secondly, the design utilizes a spring-loaded (electric) sliding core within the body cavity. The core’s inner holes align with the outer holes in the released position. When pressed into the clamping position, the core misaligns the holes to clamp the wires.
    • Thirdly, an eccentric cam (design) and operating handle drive the sliding movement of the core within limits defined by guide pins. Rotating the cam propels the core against the spring compression.  
    • Fourth, rubber inserts line the inner surfaces of the holes in both the outer body and sliding core. These rubber liners securely grip the wires when clamped without bending them out of shape, maintaining straight wire geometry for optimal sparkler performance.

    In summary, key components that enable the wire planting functionality of the board include: multiple arranged holes, a spring-loaded sliding core, an eccentric cam mechanism and rubber-lined holes – collectively performing the functions of accurately positioning, clamping and releasing multiple wires in an automated process.

    Structure and working principle

    The wire planting board consists of two main parts: an outer housing and an inner sliding core. The housing features multiple through holes arranged in rows and columns, representing wire planting positions.

    • Located within the housing cavity is the sliding core, which also contains through holes that align with those in the outer housing. Coil springs are positioned at one end of the cavity, while an eccentric cam and operating handle act as the pushing element at the other end.
    • Rubber liners line the inner surfaces of both the housing and core through holes, providing a non-abrasive surface to grip the wires securely. The sliding core is guided within the cavity by guide pins that engage with elongated holes in the core, defining the range of travel.

    In operation, rotating the eccentric cam and handle drives the inner core to slide towards the coil springs, put compressing them and displacing the core. As the core moves, its through holes come into alignment with those of the outer housing. Wires are then inserted through the aligned holes and the cam is released. The spring(s) push the sliding core backwards, misaligning the holes to clamp the wires in place.

    Re-engaging the cam places the through holes back in alignment, allowing gripped wires to be released. The rubber liners within the holes ensure wires remain straight despite being firmly held during the procedure.

    Overall, this wire planting board streamlines the wire planting stage of sparkler production by automating the manual placement and clamping of multiple wires for applying the explosive composition in bulk.

    How to operate the wire planting board

    • Loosen the eccentric cam handle  by rotating it clockwise as viewed in Figure . This moves the eccentric working head  away from the inner core, allowing the return springs  to push the core into its original position. The inner through holes  of the core then align with the outer through holes  of the outer casing, putting the device in the wiring position.   
    • Place the lower parts of multiple sparkler wires  through corresponding pairs of inner through holes  and outer through holes . There are  rows and  columns of hole pairs, able to clamp many sparkler wires at once.
    • Tighten the eccentric cam handle  by rotating it counterclockwise. This drives the eccentric working head  to push the inner core towards the return springs , compressing the springs and misaligning the inner through holes  from the outer through holes . This firmly clamps the sparkler wires  in place.     
    • Loosen the eccentric cam handle  once more, allowing the return springs  to push the inner core back into its original position. The inner through holes  then realign with the outer through holes , releasing the clamped sparkler wires  from the machine.
    • The wire planting board simply clamps and releases the sparkler wires. There is no dipping process involved to coat the wires.   

    The rubber liners  within the inner through holes  keep the sparkler wires straight during clamping, despite being firmly held in place.                

    Repeat this basic clamping and releasing process to securely plant multiple batches of fireworks sparkler wires at once, improving production efficiency versus manual wire planting methods.


    This wire planting board can greatly benefit any small-scale sparkler firework manufacturers or artisans seeking to improve production efficiency. The machine allows for mass clamping of many wire stems at once, which workers would otherwise have to clamp one by one using manual methods.  

    The automated clamping process frees up worker time and labor, allowing them to focus on the crucial but delicate task of coating the clamped wires with the pyrotechnic composition in a precise manner. Without the machine constantly holding the wire stems securely, workers would have to spend time and effort manually keeping each wire still during the coating process.     

    Being a relatively simple yet effective device, this wire planting machine represents a labor-saving innovation that is suited for small-scale manufacturers. The benefits of faster and higher batchwise production, as well as the labor reduction from automating the clamping step, can meaningfully improve these businesses’ productivity and competitiveness – without requiring complex manufacturing or a high capital expenditure.   

    In short,this mechanical wire clamping machine can serve as a productivity tool to ease production bottlenecks and enhance the output of any sparkler firework manufacturer seeking to streamline operations and reduce heavy reliance on labor-intensive manual methods.


    In summary, this simple yet effective mechanical wire clamping machine represents an innovation that reduces labor-intensiveness for small-scale sparkler firework makers while maintaining product quality. 

    For businesses seeking to optimize production efficiency and reduce costs, a wire planting board like this one offers a feasible and affordable solution. Automating labor-intensive manual tasks can yield worthwhile returns, especially for smaller operations where labor represents a larger portion of costs.  

    For more information on wire planting boards or pyroautomation solutions to optimize your productivity, please contact PyroEquip. Our experts can recommend the best options tailored to your needs, taking into account your production volumes, budgets, and specific requirements. PyroEquip offers a wide range of automation equipment for the pyrotechnics industry, designed to help businesses of all sizes streamline operations and scale up production in a sustainable manner.



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