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Wire cutting machine for fireworks sparkler making machine

Wire cutting machine for fireworks sparkler making machine

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    What are sparklers?

    What is fireworks sparklers

    Sparklers play an important role in creating vibrant visual effects and sensory stimulation during festivals and celebrations. Beyond simply producing showers of colorful sparks, sparklers also serve an important commercial function as a product line for fireworks manufacturers.

    For festivalgoers, sparklers provide a fun and interactive experience, especially for children. The long-burning sticks filled with combustible materials produce a continuous display of bright sparks and flashes of light in different colors. Waving sparklers in the air creates mesmerizing patterns and traces of light, adding to the lively and festive atmosphere.

    Commercially, sparklers represent a significant yet affordable product segment for pyrotechnics companies. They complement larger firework displays by catering to customers who want a more hands-on experience or shorter duration of pyrotechnic enjoyment. Mass producing quality sparklers at a large scale relies on automated and high-efficiency machinery.

    What are the advantages of the automatic wire cutting machine?

    Wire cutting machine for sparklers

    The automatic wire cutting machine for sparkler production plays an important role in ensuring an efficient and stable supply of the combustible wire materials for sparklers. Some of its key functions include:

    • Accurately cutting iron wire to the specified lengths required for sparklers. The machine utilizes 5 straightening wheels to straighten bent wires and precisely position them for cutting. This guarantees the cut wire pieces meet the length specifications for sparklers.

    • Continuously cutting wire at a high speed to improve production efficiency. According to the technical parameters in R1, the machine’s rated cutting speed can reach 15 pieces per minute. This high-throughput capability helps increase the overall productivity of the sparkler production line.

    • Synchronizing the wire feeding, straightening, cutting and fixed-length operations to work together seamlessly. By connecting the different parts via transmission belts and gears driven by a single motor, the machine can run the entire production process in harmony to minimize downtime between steps.

    • Reducing energy consumption and production costs through the single motor drive system. Compared to conventional wire cutting machines that require separate motors for feeding and cutting, the integrated design saves on electricity usage and component costs.

    • Improving workers’ efficiency by automating repetitive tasks. The machine takes over the manual work of straightening, feeding and cutting wire, allowing workers to focus on more valuable tasks. This helps reduce their labor intensity.

    In summary, the automatic wire cutting machine utilizes technological innovations to achieve key functions that are crucial for sparkler manufacturers. It can work in coordination with wire planting machines, chemical powder mixture mixing machines, and sparkler drying machines on the production line to provide an efficient and automated sparkler making process. The integration and automation capabilities enable mass scale sparkler production.

    What are the features of the fireworks wire cutting machinery

    Adjustable cut length mechanism

    • The length stop mechanism with adjustable pivot pin allows users to preset the cut length from 1 inch to 4 inches as desired for making sparklers of uniform length. This ensures consistent sparkler performance.

    Wire straightening mechanism

    • The straightening block holder contains 5 straightening blocks that the wire passes through to straighten any coils and kinks. This allows the machine to work with coil wires and improves cutting performance.

    Automatic wire feeding

    • The feeding rollers powered by the main motor grip the wire and automatically feed it forwards into the cutting mechanism at a steady pace for continuous sparkler production.

    Precise cutter blades

    • The upper and lower blades provide a clean perpendicular cut of the wire for each sparkler stick. The cam-activated upper blade driven by the main motor ensures forceful cutting.

    Consistent cut length

    • The length stop arm with adjustable pivot pin positions the wire end precisely for accurate cut length from 1 inch to 4 inches every time for high productivity.

    Compact design

    • All mechanisms fit into a compact tabletop unit for easy operation and small footprint in sparkler production facilities.

    Single motor drive

    • One main motor powers all mechanisms through gear transmission for synchronized operation and energy efficiency.

    The automatic sparkler wire cutting machine improves efficiency and automation in homemade sparkler making and high-output sparkler production in China. With its specialized mechanisms optimized for making sparklers, it allows users to produce sparklers efficiently at 1-4 inches as desired.  

    Technical Specifications

    Cut length range1 – 4 inches
    Max cut speed120 pcs/min
    Main motor power550W
    Straightening blocks5 pcs
    Machine dimensions600 x 500 x 800 mm
    Weight65 kg
    Technical Specifications

    How it Works for sparkler making machine

    Wire Feeding:

    • The wire feeding mechanism consists of a feed tube inlet and two grooved feed rollers.
    • Coiled wires are inserted into the feed inlet where they enter the feed rollers. The feed rollers have interlocking gears so they rotate together to grip the wire.
    • Driven by the main motor, the bottom roller rotates and pulls the wire through the rollers into the straightening mechanism.
    • The coordinated rotation of the rollers ensures smooth automated feeding of the wire from the coil into the machine.


    Wire cutting machine for fireworks sparkler making machine
    • The straightening mechanism has a rotary holder containing 5 straightening blocks spaced evenly around its circumference.
    • As the holder rotates, the wire passes through the centered holes in each block, with the edges bending the wire.
    • Passing through 5 blocks at different angles fully straightens any kinks and coils in the wire into a straight rigid form for clean cutting.
    • The straightening blocks are made of hardened steel for durability and effective wire bending. Their rotary design also allows for high speed operation.


    Wire cutting machine for fireworks sparkler making machine
    • The cutting mechanism consists of an upper and lower blade inside a cutting box.
    • A cam pushes the upper blade down onto the wire resting on the lower blade to make a clean perpendicular cut.
    • The cam is timed and driven by the main motor to activate the upper blade precisely when the wire is in cutting position.
    • The upper blade is mounted on a slider so it forcefully presses down to slice through the wire rapidly and efficiently.
    • This produces a quick, accurate cut to length for each sparkler stick.

    Length Stop:

    Wire cutting machine for fireworks sparkler making machine
    • The length stop mechanism consists of a stop arm, slider, wheel and spring assembly.
    • It allows the cut length of the wires to be adjusted from 1 inch to 4 inches.
    • The stop arm is attached to the cutting box on a pivot that can slide back and forth.
    • The position of the pivot is adjusted by the user to set the desired cut length.
    • When cutting, the stop arm swings into place and positions the wire end precisely at the preset length.
    • The spring keeps tension against the cutting box to hold this length stop position firmly during cutting.
    • This ensures each sparkler stick is cut to a consistent, accurate length.


    • After cutting, an ejection arm sweeps the cut wire stick out of the cutting box.
    • The ejection arm is timed with the cutting motion and powered by the main motor.
    • It rotates into the cutting box right after the upper blade retracts following a cut.
    • The arm catches the cut stick and rotates 180 degrees to sweep it out of the box.
    • Cut wires ejected slide down the ejection ramp into a collection bin below the machine.
    • This automated process prepares the cutting box for the next wire to be fed in and cut.
    • The coordinated timing ensures cut sticks are smoothly ejected for continuous high-speed operation.

    Tips of Safety Operation 

    Adjust Cut Length

    • Locate the knob on the side of the length stop mechanism. This controls the position of the adjustable pivot pin.
    • Loosen the knob by turning it counter-clockwise. This will allow the pivot and stop arm to slide back and forth.
    • Look at the length markings on the stop arm from 1 inch to 4 inches. Slide the pivot to align with the desired sparkler length.
    • Tighten the knob by turning it clockwise to lock the pivot and stop arm into position for the preset cut length.

    Power On

    • Locate the main power switch on the side of the machine’s base.
    • Flip the switch to the ON position. This will activate the motor and start rotation of the straightening blocks, feed rollers and cutting mechanism.
    • Check that all mechanisms are rotating properly before feeding wire.

    Wire Feeding

    • Take the coil of steel wire and straighten the first 6 inches or so by hand.
    • Insert the straightened wire end into the inlet feed tube on the machine’s front.
    • Push the wire so it engages with the grooved feed rollers. The rollers will grab the wire and pull it into the machine automatically.
    • Allow the machine to steadily feed the wire through the mechanisms without forcing or pushing.


    • As the wire feeds into the machine, it passes through the rotating straightening block holder containing 5 straightening blocks.
    • The edges of the blocks bend and straighten any kinks or coils in the wire as it passes through the centered holes.
    • This ensures the wire is straight and rigid before reaching the cutting mechanism for a clean cut.


    • The straight wire enters the cutting box, passing between the upper and lower blades.
    • When the wire reaches the preset length, the motor-driven cam activates, forcing the upper blade sharply down onto the wire against the fixed lower blade.
    • This severs the wire cleanly at the desired length. The cut sparkler stick length corresponds to the setting on the length stop.


    • Right after the cut, the ejection arm rotates 180 degrees, catching the cut stick and sweeping it out of the cutting box.
    • The stick slides down the ejection ramp into the collection bin below the machine.
    • This automatic process prepares the box for the next wire to be fed in and cut to the consistent preset length.

    Applications of wire cutting machine

    The automated fireworks sparkler wire cutting machine from PyroEquip is designed to greatly improve efficiency and output for sparkler production. With its high-speed wire straightening, feeding, cutting, and ejecting mechanisms coordinated by a single motor, this innovative equipment is ideal for:

    DIY to make a sparkler

    • With high-speed automated operation, this machine allows small businesses and individuals to efficiently produce homemade sparklers on a large scale in China. It improves productivity and quality over manual production.

    Fireworks Companies 

    • Professional pyrotechnic manufacturers can incorporate this sparkler wire cutting equipment into their production lines for large-volume automated sparkler making. Its consistency and output helps meet demand.

    Steel Wire Cutting

    • While optimized for sparkler production, the machine’s durability and cutting precision also makes it suitable for cutting and sizing wire for other applications if the wire fits within the feed and cutting space.

    Craft Making

    • The machine’s ability to cut wires to specific customizable lengths allows it to be used for craft projects that involve shaped wire pieces like jewelry making, sculpture building, etc.


    • Colleges and trade schools can use the automated wire cutting machine to give students hands-on experience with industrial food processing and manufacturing equipment.

    With versatility beyond just sparkler making, the innovative wire cutting machine has many potential applications in fireworks, manufacturing, crafts, and education. 

    Please contact us to know more

    In conclusion, the automated fireworks sparkler wire cutting machine from PyroEquip revolutionizes homemade sparkler production with its high-speed and consistent wire feeding, straightening, cutting and ejecting mechanisms powered by a single energy efficient motor. This innovative equipment enables easy setup and one-button operation to greatly improve efficiency, output quality and labor reduction in manufacturing sparkler sticks on a large scale.
    To learn more about the features, workings and applications of the automated sparkler making machine, please contact PyroEquip to discuss how this technology can benefit your fireworks or wire cutting needs. Discover the advantages of automated sparkler production today.



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