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The Ultra Guide of Mixing: The Working Principles and Operation of Sparklers Powder Mixer

The Ultra Guide of Mixing: The Working Principles and Operation of Sparklers Powder Mixer

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    Introduction of fireworks sparkler powder mixing machine

    A powder mixer is an industrial machine used for blending the powder materials needed to produce fireworks sparklers. It homogenizes the oxidizer, fuel and additive powders to create a uniform mixture that yields sparklers with consistent and bright sparks upon ignition.”

    The key functions of this sparkler mixer are to:
    – Uniformly mix the oxidizer, fuel and additive compounds used as the raw materials for sparkler production.
    – Create a homogeneous mixture to ensure sparklers produce consistent, bright sparks and effects when ignited.    

    The mixer is an essential machine for sparkler manufacturing and part of key production equipment including:

    wire planting machine        
    – wire straightening and cutting machine
    – sparkler carton packing machine
    – sparkler bag packing machine

    By mixing the raw materials uniformly, the mixer helps improve the quality and performance of finished sparklers from the sparkler production line.

    Why create the chemical powder mixer?

    Sparkler powder mixer for fireworks powder mixing

    Sparkler mixers are necessary to create a uniform mixture of the fuel, oxidizer and additive powders used in sparkler production. An even blend of the sparkler powder is essential for consistent performance and several qualities of the finished sparklers:


    A homogeneous mix ensures an even dispersion of the fuel and oxidizer particles to create bright sparks and flames when the sparklers burn.  

    Color intensity

    An even distribution of color additives within the powder blend leads to consistent, vibrant colors during ignition.


    A uniform mixture of powders containing fuels like aluminum and alcohols allows for better control over how long the sparkles and flames persist.

    Without a mixing machine to homogenize the sparkler powder, the raw materials would separate during storage and transport. This can cause inconsistencies in properties like:

    – Burn time  
    – Spark intensity    
    – Color durability

    A powder mixer is able to blend the fuel, oxidizer and additives into an even distribution of particle sizes, shapes and densities. This allows the pyrotechnic reaction when the sparklers burn to proceed as intended – producing the designed spark and flame effects.

    The machine helps create consistent sparklers during production. The mixing process also reduces waste and improves yield from the sparkler making process.

    Structure and working principle

    Sparkler powder mixer for fireworks powder mixing

    The machine consists of the following main components:

    Stirring barrel

    Made of stainless steel, it holds the powder materials for mixing. 

    Installation plates

    Fixedly connected to the outer circumference of the stirring barrel, the plates provide mounting points for other components like the frame.


    Fixedly connected to the upper end of the installation plates, it provides a mounting point for the stirring mechanism

    Stirring mechanism

    Includes a rectangular plate, rotating rod, stirring blades, and connecting components. The rectangular plate is bolted to the top of the frame. The rotating rod is rotatably connected to the side of the rectangular plate. The stirring blades are fixedly connected to the outer circumference of the rotating rod. The connecting components on top of the rectangular plate enable the rotating rod to spin.

    The working principle is as follows:

    Powder materials are first loaded into the stirring barrel. When the motor starts up, it rotates the second sprocket wheel which drives the first sprocket wheel via a chain. The first sprocket wheel rotates the connecting seat. This turns the bevel gears which spin the rotating rod. The stirring blades fixed on the rotating rod then agitate and mix the powders inside the barrel to achieve uniform blending.

    Key components: 

    Stirring barrelHolds powder materials
    Installation platesProvide mounting points for other components
    FrameProvides mounting point for stirring mechanism
    Rectangular plateConnects rotating rod
    Rotating rodHolds stirring blades
    Stirring bladesAgitate materials
    Connecting componentsEnable rotating rod to spin
    Key components

    How to operate the powder mixer for safe use

    Sparkler powder mixer for fireworks powder mixing

    Here are the detailed steps to operate the device based on the original document:

    1. Move the mixing device to an open space using the casters on the bottom support frame to ensure the surrounding area is safe and reduce explosion hazards. 

    2. Connect the external piping interface to the valve on the side connection pipe of the mixing barrel and tighten the connection.

    3. Open the loading port cover on top of the mixing barrel, then open the side valve to slowly load the pre-weighed powder materials for production, including potassium perchlorate, charcoal powder, sulfur powder and dextrin.

    4. Once loading is complete, close the loading port cover and valve tightly to ensure airtightness. 

    5. Electrically connect the motor to an external power source using a power cord.

    6. Turn on the motor power switch to start the mixing operation. The motor turns the drive system including sprocket wheels and bevel gears to spin the mixing shaft and blades.

    7. Let the mixer run until the raw materials are thoroughly blended and uniform. Samples can be taken from the valve to check mixing progress.

    8. After achieving the desired uniform blend, turn off the motor power and disconnect from the external power source. 

    9. Open the valve and discharge port to empty the uniformly mixed powder materials for further production steps.

    10. Clean the stainless steel mixing barrel before starting the next batch.

    Key Operating Steps:

    1Move mixer to open location
    2Connect piping to valve
    3Load weighed powders
    4Close cover and valve
    5Connect motor power
    6Start motor to mix
    7Mix until uniform
    8Turn off motor after mixing
    9Discharge mixed powders
    10Clean barrel for next batch
    Key Operating Steps

    Applications in manufacturing pyrotechnics products

    Sparkler powder mixer for fireworks powder mixing

    The powder mixing device is designed to be used in automated production lines of fireworks manufacturers. Its main application is blending the raw material powders used in making various types of fireworks such as sparklers, firecrackers, rockets etc.

    Some examples of how the equipment is utilized:

    – In sparkler production, it mixes and blends the core ingredients like potassium perchlorate, sulfur, charcoal powder, dextrin and other additives. The uniform powder blend is then coated on the metal wires in the wire planting machine to produce sparkler sticks.

    – For firecrackers, the mixer blends the flash powder containing oxidizers and fuels. The blended flash powder provides the bursting effect when the firecracker explodes. 

    – In aerial shells, the lift charge powder containing high amounts of oxidizer is mixed to propel the shell into the air. The mixer ensures thorough mixing for consistent lift and burst.

    – Colored flame and spark producing compounds are mixed in precise ratios using the device before being packed into pellets or tubes.

    The mixer is ideal for fireworks production because it can efficiently blend large quantities of reactive chemical powders with high uniformity. The consistent powder mixtures enable reliable and safe firework performance. 

    By automating the tedious powder blending step, the mixer also improves productivity and reduces labor in fireworks manufacturing facilities.


    The powder mixing device provides an efficient and safe solution for blending reactive raw material powders used in fireworks production. Its enclosed design contains dust while the removable drum simplifies cleaning. By thoroughly mixing powders in precise ratios, the device helps fireworks manufacturers improve product quality and consistency. 

    The automated operation also reduces manual labor and boosts productivity compared to traditional hand mixing methods. For fireworks companies looking to upgrade their production lines, the mixing machine is an ideal mixing system. 

    To learn more about this mixer and other fireworks manufacturing equipment, please contact PyroEquip at Whatsapp 86 136 7018 1318 or Our team of experts can advise you on implementing automated powder blending and other upgrades to make your fireworks production process more efficient.



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