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Roman candle tube making machine

Roman candle tube making machine

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    Boost Your Firworks Roman Candle Production with Automatic Tube Making Machinery

    Struggling to ensure consistent roman candle performance in your fireworks workshop? Manual tube manufacturing is labor-intensive and unreliable. The good news is automatic tube making equipment can efficiently and simply solve this problem.

    Automatic tube production machinery helps:

    • Improve productivity by manufacturing over 8 times more tubes per hour than manual labor;
    • Cut tubes with more uniform walls, accurate markings and smaller tolerances for better product performance;
    • Reduce labor costs with a short return on investment.

    There are various tube making machine options, from simple cutters to fully automatic production lines. Some lines can achieve a production capacity of 10,000 tubes per hour.

    So if you want to ensure quality roman candles, your fireworks factory should consider tube making machinery suited to your production needs – whether a standalone machine or complete line. Either way, the results will exceed expectations.

    How the Paper Tube Rolling Machine Solves Manual Tube Making Inefficiencies and Quality Issues

    Manual tube rolling has low efficiency, difficulties with quality control and inconsistent products. The machine addresses these issues head on.

    The roman candle paper tube machine offers the following advantages:

    • Higher efficiency. It can produce over 8 times more tubes per hour than manual labor.

    • More consistent quality. Tubes have uniform dimensions, clear markings, even wall thicknesses etc.

    • Lower costs. The machine requires no high wages and has a short payback period.

    • Higher consistency. The fireworks paper tube making machine can be set to cut tubes of fixed dimensions and gaps.

    • Easier work. Operators only need to load paper rolls and adhesive; monitor the process.

    In summary, the automatic tube making equipment overcomes the inefficiencies, quality issues and unpredictable outputs of manual manufacturing.

    Machine production not only reduces costs but improves roman candle quality. Enabling you to make and sell more high value-for-money products.

    More importantly, consistently cut tubes help strengthen your brand image and customer confidence.

    Therefore, if you want to improve the situation, I recommend procuring an automatic tube making machine suited to your needs.

    Then you’ll easily boost roman candle production efficiency and product quality.

    Precision Folding Mechanism and Control Drive Firework Manufacturing Excellence

    The key highlights of the automatic tube making machine described are:

    1. An ingenious inner edge folding mechanism that automatically bends the inner sides of the paper before rolling. This significantly reduces the chances of the tube sidewalls igniting during firing, improving reliability.
    2. A compact and efficient structural design where all components work perfectly in tandem to ensure tubes are made consistently to a high quality.
    3. Simple operation. The main steps involve loading the paper roll, cutting the paper, folding the inner edges, rolling into a tube and taking out the finished product. Operators just need to monitor the machine.
    4. Equipped with a PLC control system and step motors for precision and reproducibility of specifications and the ability to produce various tube dimensions.
    5. High output to meet the demands of large fireworks factories. Some machines can produce up to 10,000 tubes per hour.
    6. Uses angular steel or barred guides to accurately position the paper before folding and rolling to ensure tubes are cut to the required sizes.

    In summary, from the intelligent folding mechanism to the high efficiency output, this tube making machine offers numerous outstanding features. Particularly suiting manufacturers seeking consistent quality, high productivity and greater profits.

    Precision folding and control drive the production process:

    • Angular steel or bars accurately position the paper before it is folded within the folding rolls into shape.
    • The folded paper remains sandwiched between two paper layers, with only the folded edge exposed in the tube cavity.
    • The folded edge is more fire resistant than the paper itself, less likely to ignite, significantly reducing the chances of tube sidewall self-ignition.
    • The active and passive rolls discharge the folded paper which continues rolling into a tube shape.
    • The PLC system and step motors work together to ensure components operate efficiently and reproducibly to specification.

    In short, the mechanism’s clever folding, compact structure and outstanding performance can effectively improve the quality and profitability of roman candle tubes for manufacturers.

    Working Principle of The Fireworks Machine

    This machine uses a unique inner-folded paper head design to effectively reduce ignition of the tube body interior.

    The main components include:

    • A paper guide channel that vertically rotates the paper

    • A paper positioning piece that fixes the inner edge to prepare for folding

    • A folding blade that folds the inner leg into a crease line

    • A rolling mechanism that rolls the folded paper into an inner-folded paper head fireworks tube

    The main working principle:

    The paper is converted to a vertical state through the guide channel. The positioning piece fixes the inner edge of the paper. The folding blade drives the paper to fold, leaving only the crease line exposed. The rolling mechanism rolls the folded paper to form an inner-folded paper head paper card tube.

    The folded paper is sandwiched, with only the crease line exposed in the tube. The crease line is more fire resistant, reducing ignition of the inner tube wall. Automation improves efficiency and consistency of specifications.

    The full auto machine is equipped  PLC control system, which enables high-efficiency operation. It is equipped with intelligent control, cutting mechanism, gluing mechanism, and emergency stop button. The capacity is up to 146,000 pieces per day. Lengths from 0.2 to 5 meters.

    The manufactured inner-folded paper head products have the following characteristics:

    • Good fire resistance
    • Safe raw materials
    • Create different effects
    • High quality
    • The machine features a unique structural design and advanced technology. It has been in production since 1988 and is known for manufacturing professional fireworks.

    The machine is equipped with:

    • An intelligent PLC and stepper motor control system
    • 46cm wide reels of paper
    • An automatic glue application and water addition system
    • An emergency stop button

    Full- Auto Applications of Fireworks Paper Tube Machine Factory

    This paper tube making machine is mainly used for the production of roman candle tubes (Roman fireworks tubes). In addition to make roman candles, it can also be used for the production of various other fireworks:

    • Multi-tube shells and mine shells: for producing multi-tube shells, precise cutting of tube lengths can reduce waste.
    • Firecrackers: for producing paper or card tube of various firecrackers and bullets.
    • Fountains: Fountain flowers used for large pyrotechnic shows and New Year activities often require hundreds or thousands of tubes. This machine can greatly improve production efficiency.

    The above types of fireworks are mainly used by:

    • Professional fireworks display companies
    • Firecracker and fountain manufacturers
    • Home fireworks enthusiasts and makers
    • Artisans
    • Universities and research institutes for testing and launching

    And retains the original content:

    This parallel paper tube making machine can:

    • Significantly improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs compared to manual tube folding
    • Make tubes of more uniform quality, improve the performance of roman candles and reduce malfunctions
    • Provide a cost-effective solution for small fireworks enthusiasts and artisans

    The inner-folded paper head design also helps reduce fire explode risks during production and use.


    The roman candle tube forming machine effectively addresses many of the issues associated with manual production through its inner edge folding mechanism, high efficiency  and other features. Compared to hand folding tubes, this machine can:

    • Greatly improve production speed and consistency  

    • Reduce waste and misfires through precise tube cutting       

    • Mitigate fire risks by only exposing the fire resistant crease line within the tube

    If you are looking for a reliable tube making machine to improve your fireworks production, this could be a worthwhile investment. However, you’ll want to do your research to find a high-quality model that meets your specific needs and budget. 

    If you’d like more information about tube making machines or other fireworks production equipment, please feel free to reach out PyroEquip. With the right machinery and knowledge, your roman candle display can truly light up the sky.



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