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How to Make a Roman Candle Gatling Gun Fireworks Assembly

How to Make a Roman Candle Gatling Gun Fireworks Assembly

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    Product Overview of Roman Candle

    This modular assembly integrates multiple roman candle tubes to provide an extraordinary visual experience for viewers. By combining several roman candles cannisters using simple mounting rings and anchor holders, this multi-shot firework machine gun assembly can create colorful bursting fireworks displays in various shapes and patterns. The modular design allows for endless combinations of roman candle tubes of varying diameters and effects.

    Structurally, the anchor holders act as both fixed mounting points and handles while the mounting rings secure the different tube units. Together, the modules allow each multi-shot firework cannister to fire as planned creating the stunning combined fireworks show. When lit, the multiple multi-shot firework pellets burst out simultaneously from the assembly’s muzzle producing an insane fireworks symphony.

    A roman candle is a common fireworks device that shoots colored explosive pellets into the air at intervals. Typically used during parties and celebrations, they provide a straightforward yet exciting visual element. This machine minigun assembly takes the fun of multi-shot firework to the next level by allowing complete control over the timing, angles and sequencing of multiple units for an unforgettable display.

    Modular Design to Make Gun Like Roman Candle Fireworks

    How the Modular Design Makes this Roman Candle Gatling Gun Like Fireworks

    The modular design of this multi-shot firework assembly allows you to easily create different configurations to achieve a wide range of effects. The anchor holders and ring mounts serve as the basic modules that integrate the roman candle tubes into the final assembly.

    Anchor modules act as fixed mounts and handles. Their ends attach securely to the roman candle tubes and outer casing tube, providing a stable foundation for the whole assembly.

    The outermost casing tube forms the frame that houses and directs the roman candle pellets during firing. Multiple outer tubes joined with anchor modules increase the firepower.

    Ring mounts fit over the roman candle tubes at different diameters, precisely positioning each tube and securing it within the outer casing tube. The rings accommodate multi-shot firework units of varying sizes in the desired arrangement.

    The anchor modules, outer tube and ring mounts work together to produce an assembly structure that’s robust, flexible and reliable. By manipulating a few roman candle tubes via the modules, you can generate countless combined firework effects.

    See the table below for test data from the PDF file showing how the modular design parameters ensure proper performance:

    Anchor module length80mm – 120mm
    Outer tube diameter50mm – 150mm
    Ring mount size range30mm – 80mm ( fittings in 5mm increments)
    Module jointsEpoxy reinforced
    Modules per assembly3-12+
    Average error rateBelow 3%

    Production Process

    Constructing the Roman candle machine gun assembly using the roman candle making machine involves the following steps:

    Attach the ring modules to the roman candle tubes: Fit the ring mounts over the tube firework using the automated roman candle maker by sliding them into place. The roman candle maker helps to fit the rings snugly and securely hold the tubes within the outer casing.

    Secure tube units to the outer tube with the anchors and ring mounts from the roman candle making machine: Insert the first tube unit fitted with rings into the outer tube. Align it properly against one of the anchor modules and secure by tightening the anchor using the roman candle maker. Repeat this process for the remaining tubes at the required angles with the help of the machine.

    Reinforce joints with glue using the roman candle making machine: Once all tubes are fitted and positioned properly within the outer tube using the anchor modules and ring mounts from the machine, reinforce the joints with an adhesive like epoxy glue also dispensed by the roman candle maker. This will prevent any movements between modules during firing.

    The entire assembly process can be completed quickly and accurately using the roman candle making machine with only a few basic tools for adjustment. The machine attaches the ring modules, anchors and glue automatically, guiding you to produce a custom fireworks display cannon ready to unleash multiple roman candles producing a firework symphony.

    The automated roman candle maker streamlines the assembly process, helping you produce a high-quality roman candle machine gun with consistent results and minimal waste of time or materials.

    Testing Feature

    Before firing your multi-shot firework gatling gun assembly, carry out some basic tests to ensure everything works properly:

    • Combined effects

    Check that all tube firework fire at the intended sequences and intervals to produce the desired combined effect. Pay attention to the color combination, timing and spread of pellets being shot out together. Do this a couple times to verify the overall synchronized performance.

    • Firing frequency

    The frequency at which each tube shoots its firework pellets depends on the design of that particular roman candle. Test the overall firing frequency of your gatling assembly by counting the number of pellets sprayed out in a set time period, usually 12 seconds. Take multiple readings and calculate the average firing frequency.

    • Error rate

    Not all roman candle pellets detonate as they should. Some may fail to ignite or explode prematurely. Determine the assembly’s error rate by counting the number of failed pellets as a percentage of the total fired. An error rate under 5% is acceptable for consumer grade multi-shot firework.

    These simple tests will help ensure the reliable performance of your roman candle machine gun assembly and identify any issues that need fixing before the main event! Carrying out such preliminary checks on the parameters that matter most will reduce the chance of errors and disappointments during the actual firing. So take the time to properly test your creation – after all the effort you’ve put in, you want your custom fireworks show to go without a hitch!

    ParameterMeasurement MethodAcceptance Criteria
    Combined effectsObserve the firing sequence and intervals of pellets to judge the overall effectPellets from different tubes should combine well to produce the intended fireworks effect
    Firing frequencyCount the number of pellets sprayed out in 12 seconds and calculate the average frequencyShould be comparable to the firing frequency of individual tube firework
    Error rateDetermine the percentage of failed pellets out of the total firedTypically below 5% for consumer grade tube firework
    AccuracyMeasure the deviation of the center point of the combined effect from the intended position multiple timesWithin a 10cm range
    Energy distributionCount the number of pellets released in different directionsThe number of pellets in each direction should be close
    Assembly IntegrationInspect if the module assembly is secureNo looseness detected after testing in the workshop

    Application Scenarios

    Once assembled and tested, your Roman candle gatling gun is ready to provide spectacular fireworks displays for a variety of celebratory occasions:

    Commercial performances

    This system can serve as an attention-grabbing centerpiece for retail stores, malls and businesses organizing promotional events. The custom firework symphony adds visual thrill to marketing campaigns and product launches.

    Banquet events

    From wedding receptions to company galas, incorporating a roman candle machine gun show into the event program promises to wow guests and make memories lasting a lifetime. The colorful bursts of fireworks in coordinated patterns complement the festive atmosphere perfectly.

    Party activities

    This DIY cannon takes your next birthday bash, Halloween celebration or backyard get-together to the next level. Firing the assembly from different directions will entertain partygoers for quite some time. Just be sure to follow all relevant safety precautions.

    The modular design of the roman candle fireworks allows for endless configurations tailored to different event requirements – from brief dramatic bursts that punctuate key moments to longer drawn-out shows synced to background music. You have complete control over the visual spectacle produced by simply manipulating the modules.


    Through modular design and optimization of key parameters, pyro equipment manufacturers can produce reliable roman candle fireoworks assemblies at an industrial scale for providing spectacular commercial firework displays.

    For professional grade roman candle fireworks making machinery that can deliver intense yet coordinated firework spectacles year after year, contact PyroEquip – a leading supplier of pyro devices for the entertainment industry.



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