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The Fireworks Tube Sealing Machine Speeds Up Production And Ensures Safety

The Fireworks Tube Sealing Machine Speeds Up Production And Ensures Safety

Table of Contents

    I. Why design this Paper Tube Sealing Machine?

    To improve the efficiency and safety of sealing fireworks tubes compared to manual sealing. Traditional methods of sealing tubes have the following issues:

    1. Low efficiency. Workers have to apply the sealing agent to each tube one by one by hand. This is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process.
    2. Poor quality control. It is difficult to ensure a uniform and consistent amount of sealing agent is applied to each tube. This affects the stability and performance of the final fireworks product.
    3. High safety risks. Workers have to directly handle chemicals used in the sealing agent. This exposes them to occupational hazards.

    The  tube sealing machine aims to address these issues by:

    1. Automating the sealing process to significantly improve sealing speed and efficiency.
    2. Applying a precise and uniform amount of sealing agent to each tube through automatic injection. This helps quality control.
    3. Separating workers from dangerous chemicals during the sealing process. Workers only need to load and unload the making machine. This reduces safety risks.

    In summary, the fireworks machine improves on manual sealing of tubes in terms of efficiency, quality and occupational safety. This forms the basic motivation for its design and development.

    II. Advantages

    1. Higher production speed in factory

    The machine can automatically and continuously seal paper tubes at a high speed, significantly improving the sealing efficiency compared to manual sealing. Workers only need to load and unload the machine.

    1. More consistent quality

    The pyrotechnic devices applies a precise and uniform amount of sealing agent to each tube through automatic injection. This ensures that all sealed tubes meet the quality requirements, improving the stability of the final products.

    1. Reduced occupational hazards

    Since workers are separated from the sealing process, they are not directly exposed to the chemicals in the sealing agent. This reduces explosive risks and occupational hazards compared to manual sealing.

    1. Continuous production capability

    The machine can seal paper tubes in an automatic and continuous manner once it is loaded with empty tubes. Workers only intermit with the machine when unloading sealed tubes and reloading empty tubes. This allows the machine to run nearly continuously during working hours.

    In summary, the tube sealing machine brings significant benefits in terms of making fireworks speed, quality stability, occupational safety and production efficiency through automation compared to manual sealing. These advantages form the value proposition of the machine.

    III. Main components

    This utility model provides a professional fireworks tube sealing machine for composite pyrotechnic production, which can automatically manufacture tubes and inject sealing agent to improve production efficiency and ensure safety.

    The main parts of this machine include:

    1.Template feeding mechanism: It feeds empty tube templates into the starting position to start the sealing process. It consists of feeding jaws, tracks and a feeding cylinder. The feeding jaws grip the tube templates and transport them onto the lifting platform. After sealing, the feeding jaws release and withdraw the sealed tube templates.

    2.Lifting mechanism: It lifts the tube templates from the starting position to align the tube ends with the sealing agent nozzles. It consists of a lifting cylinder, a lifting platform and supporting brackets. The lifting cylinder is fixed to the machine frame and connected to the lifting platform.

    3.Sealing agent nozzles: They automatically inject sealing agent into the tubes under pressure. Each nozzle is connected to the sealing agent pressure container at one end and corresponds to a pyrotechnic tube end at the other end.

    4.Sealing agent pressure container: It stores and maintains the sealing agent at a specified pressure to supply the sealing agent nozzles. It is fitted with inlet valve, pressure gauge, exhaust valve and secured to the machine frame.

    5.Machine frame: It secures and supports all parts of the entire machine.

    The working principle is as follows: After the pyrotechnic tube templates are fed into the starting position by the template feeding mechanism, the lifting mechanism lifts them and aligns with the sealing agent nozzles. Meanwhile, the sealing agent pressure container provides the required pressure, and the sealing agent nozzles automatically inject sealing agent into the tubes.

    This equipment realizes automated production, separating personnel from dangerous sealing agents to ensure safety. It can also uniformly inject sealing agent into each tube to guarantee product quality.

    This device improves production efficiency while ensuring safety through automation. It meets national requirements for production safety, energy saving and emission reduction. The key parts using non-flammable materials effectively guarantee safe production and fundamental safety.

    IV. Working principle

    The template feeding mechanism grips the empty tubes and transports them onto the lifting platform in the starting position. The feeding mechanism then releases the tubes to the lifting mechanism.

    The lifting mechanism lifts the tube templates from the starting position to the sealing position,aligning the ends of the tubes with the sealing agent nozzles.

    The tenon joints at the ends of the sealing agent nozzles form a seal with the tube ends. Meanwhile, the sealing agent pressure container pressurizes the sealing agent.

    When the sealing agent pressure reaches the set value, the solenoid valves on the sealing agent nozzles open. The sealing agent then flows from the pressure container through the nozzles and enters the aligned tubes under controlled pressure.

    After filling, the lifting mechanism lowers the tube templates back to the starting position. At the same time, the solenoid valves on the sealing agent nozzles close due to the spring force.

    The template feeding mechanism then grips the sealed tubes and withdraws them, completing one cycle. The feeding mechanism then releases and withdraws to load new empty tubes, ready for the next cycle.

    The whole process is completed automatically and continuously once the machine is loaded with empty tubes. Workers only need to unload the sealed tubes and reload empty tubes during machine stops.

    V. Operating procedure

    1. Turn on the power switch and check that all components of the machine are working properly.
    2. Load the empty tubes into the template feeding mechanism clamping jaws.
    3. Press the start button for automatic operation. The machine will:
    • Raise the tube templates to the sealing position
    • Inject the sealing agent into the tubes through the nozzles
    • Lower the tube templates
    • Grip the sealed tubes and withdraw them
    1. Check the sealed tubes to ensure the sealing agent amount and distribution are even. Adjust the sealing agent pressure if needed.
    2. Empty and refill the sealing agent pressure container when it is emptied. Close the inlet valve, release the pressure and replace the container.
    3. Conduct thorough cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis, especially the sealing agent nozzles and valves to ensure smooth operation.
    4. Stop the machine by pressing the stop button and turning off the power switch after completing a batch of  tubes.

    The operation procedure focuses on automatic operation, product quality checks, maintenance and shutdown of the machine in a safe and proper manner. Strictly following these easy to operate steps will ensure high efficiency and safety during production.

    VI. Environmental impact

    This tube sealing machine has a relatively small environmental impact due to its use of small amounts of sealing agents. However, some attention should still be paid to environmental regulations and protection measures:

    1. The sealing agents are mainly organic compounds that are less harmful to the environment. However, workers should wear proper protective equipment when handling the sealing agents to avoid direct exposure.
    2. The machine itself is not involving the manufacture significant pollution during normal operation. But it still needs to be installed according to relevant environmental regulations regarding ventilation, wastewater discharge, and noise levels.
    3. Residues of sealing agents in the pressure container and nozzles need to be properly collected and disposed of according to environmental regulations to avoid soil and groundwater contamination.
    4. Spilled sealing agents during maintenance and refilling operations should be promptly collected and cleaned up according to environmental guidelines.
    5. Regular and thorough cleaning of machine components can help reduce the accumulation of residues that may pose an environmental risk if released.

    Although this  tube sealing machine uses environmentally friendly materials and has a relatively small environmental footprint, following relevant environmental regulations and taking proper protective and waste disposal measures are still important to minimize any potential impact.

     VII. Conclusion

    This tube sealing machine offers a great solution for the sealing process in the production of composite fireworks. The automation and efficiency gains it brings help enterprises improve productivity while ensuring safety and environmental protection.

    For more information about purchasing this machine or its technical specifications, please contact PyroEquip, the manufacturer mentioned in the utility model description. PyroEquip can provide details to help you evaluate if this machine meets your production requirements.


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