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Fireworks Star Filling Machine for Auto Fireworks Production

Fireworks Star Filling Machine for Auto Fireworks Production

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    The Need for Fireworks Star Filling Machines

    Currently, star filling in composite fireworks is done entirely by manual labor. Workers must manually pour star mixtures into tiny firecracker tubes, which is a complex, labor intensive and hazardous process.

    Issues with the current manual star filling method include:


    •Workers must spend hours carefully pouring star mixtures with teaspoons into each small tube, leading to repetitive strain injuries and fatigue.    

    •Inconsistencies in the amount and distribution of stars between tubes are common, affecting the performance and reliability of the fireworks.  This wastes materials and reduces product value.

    •Workers are directly exposed to hazardous star dust from the pyrotechnic compositions, potentially causing respiratory issues over time. There are no safeguards to protect workers.   

    •Placing stars by hand near exposed fuses and chemicals is an inherently dangerous process that poses fire and explosive risks due to poor safety conditions.

    An automatic star filling machine aims to solve these problems by:   

    •Automating the mechanical tasks involved in filling stars into tubes, removing workers from dangerous powders  

    •Precisely metering and dispensing the required amount of star mixture into the tiny firecracker tubes       

    •Uniformly distributing stars within each tube for consistent firework performance    

    •Separating workers from the hazardous star dust and pyrotechnic compositions to protect their health

    •Improving cycle times and production throughput through machine automation to increase efficiency.

    Together, these benefits can help produce higher quality composite fireworks at higher volumes while significantly enhancing worker safety and reducing physical strain from repetitive manual filling tasks.

    Structure and Components

    Star Dose Hoppers

    Located at the top of the machine, dose hoppers contain the different bead mixtures to be loaded. Multiple hoppers can store various bead types that need to be filled.

    Conveying Systems

    Conveying tubes transport beads from the dose hoppers to the dosing and filling subsystems. The conveying tubes ensure a steady flow of beads.

    Dosing Systems

    The dosing systems precisely measure out the required amount of beads to fill each firework tube. This ensures accuracy and consistency in bead filling.

    Filling Cylinders

    The filling cylinders inject the measured amount of beads into the firework tubes. They are aligned with the dosing system and transport tubes.

    Alignment System

    An alignment system orients each firework tube in the correct position under the filling cylinder to receive the measured dose of beads.

    Control System

    programmable logic controller (PLC) or computer system synchronizes the operation of the dosing, filling, alignment and conveying systems. The control system helps achieve precise bead loading amounts.

    Machine Frame

    The machine frame provides structural support and mounting points for all the components. It includes a feed mechanism to automatically index the next firework tube into position for filling.

    Shaking Device

    rotating shaking cylinder inside each bead dose hopper helps evenly distribute beads across the hopper’s bottom surface, ensuring a consistent supply of beads to the dosing system.

    How They Work

    1. Stars are loaded into the star dose hoppers

    The two star dose hoppers are located at the top of the machine frame. They hold the different star mixtures for filling. A shaking device inside each hopper consists of a rotating cylinder that spreads the stars evenly across the bottom surface.

    1. A firework tube is raised below the dosing system

    An automatic feeding mechanism picks up a firework tube from the starting position and carries it below the dosing system. A lifting mechanism then raises the tube to the bottom star loading position.

    1. The required amount of stars is dosed from the hopper

    The dosing plate of the dosing system moves downward. Its holes align with both the star holes in the hopper above and the tube holes in the firework tube below.

    1. The measured stars are injected into the tube

    The dosing plate’s vacuum cylinder then precisely lowers the dosing plate. Stars fall through the aligned holes and into the firework tube.

    1. The tube is oriented for even star distribution

    The feeding mechanism rotates the firework tube to ensure the stars are evenly distributed within the tube.

    1. The tube is removed from the machine

    After filling, the firework tube is removed from the machine and sealed by workers.

    1. The process repeats

    The dosing plate returns to its upper position to receive fresh stars. The lifting mechanism then raises the next firework tube into position and the filling cycle repeats.

    Safety and Environmental Considerations

    Safety measures are critical for the safe production of a wide range of consumer fireworks like aerial shells, comets, fountains, firecrackers and smoke tubes via the automatic star filling machine.

    Risks stem from

    •Explosive mixtures like flash powder, dextrin and mixtures of potassium nitrate and sulfur filled into tubes

    •Toxic airborne smoke and dust released during the star fillingpaste mixing and tube sealing processes

    Required safety controls include

    •Dust collection systems above dosing plates and filling cylinders to capture explosive star dust and paste particles as they are ejected into tubes

    •Ventilation and negative air pressure systems to continuously remove explosive dust concentrations from the air as tubes are being filled

    •Explosion proof electrical components and motors to prevent accidental ignition of dust during operation which could detonate Explosive mixtures within half-filled tubes

    •Strict Standard Operating Procedures for each firework type to outline safe start-up, filling, paste-mixing and tube-sealing steps for workers

    •Personal protective equipment like dust masks, gloves, and coveralls for workers handling stored pyrotechnic compositions, pastes and half-filled tubes

    •Regular oversight by technicians to identify any machine issues or non-compliance with safety protocols before risks result in injuries or machine damage

    •Full compliance with relevant safety and environmental standards for consumer firework production equipment to minimize risks

    Though automated, stringent safety controls are essential to safely produce the range of fireworks filled using the automatic star filling machine while minimizing risks to workers and the surrounding environment.

    Benefits for making all kinds aerial firewokrs

    The automatic star filling machine can aid in the production of a wide range of fireworks by precisely filling stars into various:

    •Firework shells like cylindrical, spherical and mortar shells

    •Paper firework tubes for firecrackers, Roman candles and aerial fireworks

    •Charcoal-loaded black powder tubes for fountains and ground firework display items

    •Time fuse and quick match fuse attachments for timed ignitions

    •Specialized powder chambers for custom firework rockets and trail designs

    The machine benefits production of these different consumer firework types by:

    •Precisely filling the required amount of stars and powders into each shell or tube

    •Automatically attaching fuses to firework chambers

    •Evenly distributing contents within each item to ensure reliableignitions and bursts

    •Speeding up manual processes like filling stars and powder, attaching fuses

    •Reducing reliance on labor-intensive hand filling methods

    •Achieving more consistent performance from fireworks through precise automated filling

    Together, these advantages help manufacturers produce higher volumes of diverse fireworks – from firecrackers to cylindrical shells to fountained trail items – with greater reliability, efficiency and consistency versus manual filling processes.

    Additional Information

    For more details on automatic fireworks star filling machines or other fireworks production equipment, contact a reputable supplier like PyroEquip.  
    PyroEquip has over 20 years of experience supplying the fireworks industry with the highest quality production solutions. Their commitment to safety, innovation and customer service has made them a trusted partner for fireworks manufacturers around the world.



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