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How to make a sparkler with PyroEquip fireworks machine

Streamline your sparkler production with our cutting-edge equipment. Witness the magic as our powerful motor effortlessly produces dazzling sparkler sticks with precision and uniformity. Upgrade your production line with our innovative machinery today.

A machine is automatically inserting metal wires into plastic boards. The machine is feeding a spool of wire and pushing it into the plastic board.

Wire Planting Machine to Make Your Own Sparklers

This cutting-edge machine automates wire planting in the production of traditional sparklers, significantly reducing labor costs and increasing efficiency. The fully automated process, from wire sorting to planting, ensures precision and consistency, optimizing the quality of the final product. Workers load wires into the hopper, then remove the plated sparklers manually for the essential chemical liquid dipping process. A must-have for any serious fireworks manufacturer looking to stay competitive in the industry.

Heating System to Dry Sparklers

Our Sparkler Heating System is a vital component in sparkler production lines that require efficient dryingWorking seamlessly with a dehumidifier and controller, it ensures optimal temperature and humidity levels for reliable drying.

Built with top-quality materials, this heating system is durable and designed to withstand the demanding conditions of the fireworks industry. With a user-friendly interface, it’s easy to adjust temperature and humidity settings to meet your production needs.

A heating system designed specifically for sparkler drying rooms, featuring specialized equipment for the efficient heating and circulation of air.
This state-of-the-art machine is the key to efficient and precise mixing of water, starch, and various chemical powders used in the fireworks industry.

Sparkler Powder Mixing Tank

Effortlessly mix chemicals and powders with ease using the Sparkler Chemical Powder Mixing Tank. This state-of-the-art machine is the key to efficient and precise mixing of water, starch, and various chemical powders used in the fireworks industry.

Watch as the tank’s powerful motor blends ingredients to perfection, creating a uniform and consistent mixture. Ideal for large-scale production, this machine can handle the demands of any busy fireworks factory.

Sparkler Powder Homogenizer

Experience efficient and uniform mixing of various chemical powders with the Sparkler Chemical Powder Homogenizer. This machine effortlessly blends fireworks industry powders without water for the perfect mixture every time. Watch as the powerful motor transforms individual ingredients into a uniform blend, ideal for streamlined production in any busy fireworks factory. Let the Sparkler Chemical Powder Homogenizer become an essential component of your production line today.

Experience efficient and uniform mixing of various chemical powders with the Sparkler Chemical Powder Homogenizer. This machine effortlessly blends fireworks industry powders without water for the perfect mixture every time.


Sparkler Production Equipment Demystified: Your Burning Questions Answered!

Processing needed for the sparkler production:

  1. Wire Cutting and Straightening: 

    The initial step in creating sparklers, whether DIY or industrial, begins with a wire cutting and straightening machine. This machine takes a lump of iron wire and transforms it into individual pieces, each one destined to become the core of a sparkler.

    The machine works by pulling the wire straight, eliminating any bends or kinks that could affect the final product’s performance. It then cuts the wire into specific lengths, typically around 17 cm to 30 cm for handheld sparklers. When planning to make your own sparklers, consider the size of the finished sparkler you want. The length of the wire will determine how long the sparkler will burn.

  2. Resin Crushing: 

    In the sparkler production process, crushing the resin is an essential step. The resin, a vital ingredient of the homemade sparkler mixture, is crushed using a resin crusher. This machine grinds down the resin into a fine powder, making it easier to mix with other dry chemicals. The smooth texture of the crushed resin ensures a uniform blend in the subsequent mixing process. This process is critical as it determines how well the sparkler burns and sparks when ignited.

    In addition to resin, other components like strontium nitrate and aluminum powder are also crushed for the sparkler mixture. Strontium nitrate is used to give the sparkler its vibrant red flame, while aluminum powder burns to create brilliant white sparks. The crushing process ensures that these components are fine enough to burn smoothly and completely, creating a spectacular pyrotechnic display.

  3. Powder Mixing: 

    After the resin and other components have been crushed, they are mixed together to form the sparkler’s explosive part. This process involves a powder mixing machine, which blends the crushed resin, strontium nitrate, aluminum powder, and other chemicals into a consistent mixture. Water is added to this dry chemical mixture to create a slurry.

    This mixture is not just a simple paste; it’s a carefully balanced concoction of chemicals designed to produce a dazzling array of sparks. Additional ingredients like potassium and dextrin may be added to the mixture to improve the sparkler’s performance. Potassium helps to regulate the burning rate of the sparkler, while dextrin acts as a binder, holding the slurry together and adhering it to the wire.

    The mixture forms the heart of the sparkler, the source of its characteristic sparks. When the sparkler is ignited, the heat from the flame reacts with the chemicals in the mixture, resulting in a stunning firework display. The mixture needs to be thoroughly mixed to ensure an even distribution of chemicals, which contributes to a consistent and prolonged spark effect.

  4. Wire Planting: 

    The wire planting stage is a crucial step in the process of making sparklers. This is where the straightened and cut wires are prepared for the subsequent coating process. Utilizing a wire planting machine, the wires are inserted into small holes on a plastic board – a task that once required meticulous manual labor.

    This machine can plant up to 480 wires at once, which significantly enhances efficiency, making it an ideal solution for industrial-scale sparkler production. The wires, resembling bamboo skewers at this point, are arranged systematically on the board, leaving a few inches at the end of each wire. These ends will serve as handles, allowing the finished sparklers to be safely held when ignited.

  5. Dipping Wire: 

    Dipping Wire: The next stage in the sparkler production process involves dipping the wires into a chemical mixture. Workers take the plastic board, now bristling with straight pieces of wire, and immerse it into a storage tank filled with the sparkler mixture.

    This mixture is a carefully formulated blend of dry chemicals, including potassium nitrate and xxxx. These components are responsible for the sparks that will eventually burst forth from the finished sparkler. Depending on the desired effects of the sparkler, other chemicals such as aluminum or titanium flakes might be added to the compound.

    The wires are left to soak in the mixture, allowing the mixture to thoroughly coat each piece. This coating process is crucial as it determines how the sparkler will burn and ignite. A thick, even coating ensures a steady, prolonged burn, while an uneven or insufficient coating could lead to the sparkler burning out prematurely or even exploding.

    During the dipping process, some of the compound may drip off the wires. To prevent waste and maintain a clean working environment, a material collector is placed underneath to collect any dripping powder liquid.

    Once the wires are fully coated, they are removed from the compound and left to dry. It’s important to let them dry completely before proceeding to the next step. This can be done by placing the wires on a drying rack. Remember to check your local laws regarding pyrotechnics manufacture and always exercise extreme caution during this process.

  6. Heating Room: 

    Heating Room and Drying Process: Once the wires are thoroughly coated with the chemical slurry, they are transferred to a specialized heating room for drying. This room is equipped with an advanced heating system, which includes a heater, dehumidifier, and controller, to maintain optimal drying conditions.

    The coated sparkler skewers, which now resemble bamboo sticks, are arranged on a drying rack in the heating room. Proper spacing is crucial at this stage to ensure even heat distribution and prevent the sparklers from sticking together. Each sparkler is securely placed on the rack, leaving enough room for air circulation.

    It’s essential to let the sparklers dry completely before proceeding to the next step. The drying process typically takes about 6-8 hours, but this can vary depending on the specific conditions in the heating room, such as temperature and humidity levels.

    The heating room is maintained at a consistent temperature of approximately 60 °C. This temperature is carefully controlled by the system’s heater and monitored with the controller. If the temperature drops or rises beyond the desired range, the heater or dehumidifier will adjust accordingly to maintain the optimal drying environment.

    During this drying period, the coated wires transform into finished sparklers. The chemical slurry hardens onto the wires, creating a solid, combustible coating that will catch fire and produce beautiful sparks when ignited.

    Remember that safety is paramount during this process. The heating room should be well-ventilated to prevent the buildup of potentially hazardous fumes. Also, the room should be kept free of flammable materials to minimize the risk of accidental fires.

  7. Repeating Dipping and Heating: To ensure sufficient thickness of the chemical coating on the wires, steps 5 and 6 are repeated twice.

  8. Remove wires from Plastic Boards: Once the wires are thoroughly dried and coated, they are removed from the plastic boards. This step prepares the sparklers for packaging.

  9. Packing with Plastic Bag: To ensure that your sparklers are safely packaged, it’s advisable to use an automatic bag packing machine. This machine is not only used for packing sparklers, but can also handle a variety of other items such as noodles, one-time use tableware, hotel daily supplies, towers, tissues, needles, sausages, cookies, sticks, and any other long-shaped items.

  10. Packing with Paper Carton:
    Finally, Packing with Paper Carton.

    This is where the automatic carton forming inserting & sealing machine comes in. This machine is not just good for packing fireworks like your sparklers, but also other items such as electronics.

    The machine is able to complete carton forming, carton inserting, carton folding, and carton sealing, making it a one-stop solution for your packaging needs. It is designed for individual operation but is also capable of connecting with other machines to form a complete packaging line.

    The automatic carton forming inserting & sealing machine ensures that your sparklers are securely packed into paper cartons and are ready for distribution. Each carton can hold several sparklers, providing an additional layer of protection and preventing them from catching fire or exploding during transit.

This comprehensive process ensures that each sparkler is made to the highest standards, providing consumers with a safe and enjoyable experience.

A wire cutting machine is an essential industrial equipment used in the manufacturing process of fireworks sparklers. It plays a crucial role in efficiently and accurately cutting wires that are utilized in the production of sparklers.

A wire cutting machine is designed to automate the wire cutting process, ensuring precise and consistent lengths of wires required for sparklers. By utilizing advanced technological innovations, this cutting machine offers several advantages for fireworks manufacturers.

Firstly, it accurately cuts iron wires to the specified lengths needed for sparklers. The machine employs straightening wheels to straighten bent wires and position them precisely for cutting, guaranteeing the desired length for each sparkler.

Additionally, the wire cutting machine operates at high-speed, enhancing production efficiency. With a rated cutting speed of up to 15 pieces per minute, it significantly increases the overall productivity of the sparkler production line.

Furthermore, the machine synchronizes wire feeding, straightening, cutting, and fixed-length operations seamlessly. This integration minimizes downtime between steps, resulting in a streamlined and efficient manufacturing process.

Moreover, the wire cutting machine reduces energy consumption and production costs through its single motor drive system. Unlike conventional wire cutting machines that require separate motors for feeding and cutting, this integrated design saves electricity and component costs.

For more detailed information, please click the following link: Wire Cutting Machine for Fireworks Sparkler Making Machine.

In summary, a wire cutting machine is a specialized industrial equipment used to produce wires for fireworks sparkler manufacturing. With its precision cutting capabilities, high-speed operation, and efficiency-enhancing features, it significantly contributes to the mass production of sparklers in the fireworks industry.

A wire planting machine is an industrial machine used for planting a large number of wires into plastic boards to facilitate dipping the wires into chemical solutions later. The wire planting machine discussed in this PDF clamps and releases the wires automatically to improve work efficiency.

This wire planting machine consists of a wire box and a clamping board. The clamping board has an inner core that slides within a shell. Parallel holes on the inner core align with outer holes on the shell. A pushing member drives the inner core to make the inner and outer holes either aligned or misaligned.

The wire box contains multiple chambers to store the wires. When vibrated, the wires fall through the holes and into the aligned holes of the clamping board. Then by misaligning the holes, the machine clamps the wires. The clamped board is then taken out for coating the wires with chemicals.

The machine uses a vibration mechanism, turning mechanism, and safety locks to operate automatically. The misaligned holes also compress rubber pads to prevent wire bending during clamping.

Overall, the wire planting machine can effectively improve the wire clamping efficiency for the sparklers fireworks production.

If you want to learn more about wire planting machines and their applications, check out this page on sparklers fireworks manufacturing.

What is a sparkler powder mixer?

A sparkler powder mixer is an industrial machine used to mix the chemical powders and compounds needed to make sparklers for fireworks. Sparklers contain an oxidizer powder, a fuel powder and other additives that are carefully blended together in the proper proportions to create the colorful sparks when ignited.

The powder mixer discussed in this patent consists of a stirring barrel, installation plates, a stirring mechanism and connecting components. The stirring mechanism includes rectangular plates, rotation shafts, stirring blades and gear parts. When the powder materials are placed into the barrel, the stirring blades rotate and agitate the powders through the rotation of the shafts.

This stirring and blending process ensures an even and uniform mixture of the sparkler powders, which is critical for achieving consistent performance and quality of the finished sparklers. The proper mixing of the raw materials gives the sparklers their brightness, color intensity and duration of sparks upon ignition.

The main function of the powder mixer is to homogenize the oxidizer, fuel and additive powders into a uniform mixture that yields sparklers with reproducible effects. The stirring and agitating action creates a homogeneous distribution of particles and prevents clumping of the powders.

If you want to learn more about sparkler powder mixers and industrial fireworks production, click the link here.

The sparklers drying system is an industrial process used to remove moisture from coated sparkler sticks after manufacturing. Proper drying is crucial for producing high-quality sparklers that burn evenly and consistently.

Drying systems utilize conveyor tunnels to continuously process coated sparkler sticks. Major components include:

Conveyor Belt: An endless stainless steel mesh belt transports sticks through the drying tunnel. The mesh maximizes air exposure for fast moisture removal.

Blowers: Powerful fans or turbines propel heated airflow through the tunnel to evaporate moisture from stick coatings.

Heat Exchanger: A heat exchanger pre-warms inlet air using exhaust heat from the drying tunnel. This energy recovery saves on heating fuel.

Heating System: Burners, electric coils, or refrigerant coils supply thermal energy to heat the airflows. The system maintains optimal drying temperatures.

Humidity Control: Humidistats monitor moisture levels and adjust inlet airflows to optimize drying efficiency.

In operation, coated sparkler sticks are continuously fed into the inlet of the conveyor tunnel. As they travel through the tunnel chamber, heated high-velocity air rapidly evaporates excess moisture from stick coatings.

The dried sticks exit the tunnel ready for further processing or packaging. Efficient drying removes moisture evenly without degrading coatings. This ensures sparklers have long shelf life and burn properly when ignited.

With rigorous moisture control, the system reliably dries sticks for safe storage and performance. Proper drying prevents issues like deterioration, uneven burning, steam explosions, and powder shedding.

By optimizing airflow, temperature, and humidity, sparkler drying tunnels provide fast, uniform moisture removal. This efficient process is vital for producing exceptional quality firework sparklers at commercial volumes.

For more information, please check the link here

The automated Fireworks Sparklers Making Machine is an industrial system designed to streamline and automate the production of handheld sparklers used in fireworks displays and events.

It handles the entire manufacturing process including dosing pyrotechnic powder onto the sticks, evenly compressing the powder, inserting the coated sticks, and cooling.

The machine features automated powder dispensing, pneumatic compression, multi-way water cooling, and conveyor systems to achieve high-speed automated production.

Key benefits of the automation include higher output up to 80 rods per minute, improved product consistency, reduced labor requirements, and enhanced safety by minimizing direct contact.

The system enables precise control over variables like stick dimensions, powder amounts, and production speed through an intuitive PLC interface.

It is designed for modular integration with upstream wire processing and downstream packaging equipment to create an end-to-end automated sparkler production line.

With the automated Sparklers Making Machine, venues can achieve mass production of top-quality sparklers with incredible consistency, meeting demand for events of any scale.

The automation offers superior productivity, quality, and safety compared to manual sparkler production methods.

For more information about this machine, please refer to the link here.

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